A Response to Limits

In the process of making records out of The Panda Studios,  his own recording studio, for the past 20+ years, Sam Pura, has learned a lot about which tools he likes to use, and which ones he doesn't. Coming from an analog background, much of his signature sound relies on undying classic hardware, despite the rest of his workflow moving into the box. Over time, this created a clash between his ever growing sessions and his limited rack space, resulting in compromises and delays.

Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, Sam sought to forge a partnership with Eddie Lucciola, an esteemed plugin designer & the backbone of KIIVE Audio. This collaboration paved the way for the rapid prototyping of an exceptional lineup of plugins, poised to revolutionize the industry and empower artists with unparalleled creative possibilities.

Professionally Distilled

The crux of Purafied's mission is to give you the good stuff, and just the good stuff. After leaving several of his compressor dials in the same position for over a decade, you can be sure that Sam is zeroed in on the sweet spots of his gear. Every plugin is made with Sam's workflow and sound baked right in, so you can skip the minutia and get straight to making your music sound awesome.